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NFL Running Squares Pool

EMLOA /SDCLOA “Special Events” Fund Raiser

Format & Rules for 2014/2015 NFL season


Basic Format:

  1. Maximum 100 players choose one (1) square on a typical football squares sheet. This will be that player’s square location for entire season including Thanksgiving, playoffs, and the Super Bowl.
  2. Commissioner will send out twice-weekly emails: 1 to announce that Squares have been posted, and the 2nd to announce the results of that week’s Game-Of-The-Week (GOTW).
  3. Numbers on top and side rows change on weekly basis, so players will not have same numbers each week. Numbers will be posted on the pool’s website Square sheets will be posted as both HTML (internet readable) and in Word Document (printable) formats. It is your duty to contact commissioner if you have not received numbers by game time.
  4. Game-of-the-Week (GOTW) will be determined by commissioner (Note: The NFL has adopted a “flex” schedule for the latter half of the season and may have direct effect on our GOTWs).
  5. Playoff games will be determined as soon as TV schedule and game match-ups are declared that week.


  1. Each player has one (1) square per game. Any player can pay double to have two (2) squares per game, triple (3), etc.
  2. Square cost $5 apiece per regular season game (1 Square = $5 per game x 17 regular season games = $85)
  3. Thanksgiving Day games are $10 per square (2 squares = $20)
  4. Playoff games will also be $5 per square, (Wildcard, 1st round, and Conference Championships) (4 squares x $5 = 20)
  5. The Super Bowl will cost $10 per square (1 square = $10)
  6. The Super Grande Super Bowl will cost $25 per square (1 square = $25)
  7. **EXTRA** Rolling Overtime pool cost $.80/game
  8. The grand total cost for entire season is the low, low price of $180.


  • Payouts for regular season and playoffs = $100 per hit
  • Payouts for Thanksgiving Day = $200 per hit
  • Payouts for Super Bowl = $200 per hit
  • Payouts for Super Grande Super Bowl = $500 per hit
  • OT pool potential = $1,250 (Only the $200 Super Bowl square sheet is eligible for the OT pool – The Super Grande Super Bowl IS NOT eligible for OT)


  • $100 per game goes to fund raiser account
  • $200 from Super Bowl and T-Day goes to fund raiser account
  • $500 from Super Grande SB goes into fundraiser account
  • At the end of the NFL season any remaining dollars in the OT pool shall go towards the fundraiser – no refunds
  • Certain funds from the kitty will be put towards an in season function (Super Bowl or Playoff game party at a hall or club to be determined).

Monetary Rules:

  1. Commissioner’s accountant will collect, save, payout all finances
  2. No payouts will be made until all participants are paid-in-full.
  3. Commissioner will record, document, and publish weekly results via email and website the following day of each game. He will keep tally of winners, also to be published weekly, and send out payments on a weekly and/or bi-weekly basis, and after Super Bowl.
  4. Any money left from rolling OT Pool at the end of the season shall go back into fundraiser
  5. The commissioner and/or his assigns refuse to pay any out-of-pocket expenses.
  6. Send all payments to DB Sports Management - 8 Rainbow Pond Dr. #7, Walpole, MA 02081

Special Game Rules:

1.        Winners of the Weekly $100 ($200 for Super Bowl) are determined by the scores at the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th quarter scores only. (ex. Game ends in 20-20 tie, whomever has 0-0 wins $100 – OT pool then determines next winner for that game).

2.       OT Pool explained – Week 1 starts with $50 in OT Pool. If there is no OT then Week 2 goes up to $100, Week 3 - $150, etc. Whenever a game goes into OT Winner will be determined by final score If OT ends in tie, whomever won the 4th quarter hit will also collect in OT. When OT pool pays out the following week starts over at $50. Also see Rule 5 of “Monetary Rules.”



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